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For the last 4 years I have been exploring safety glass as both material and metaphor. Safety glass is made up from two layers of glass unified by a layer of glue. When safety glass is hit by a strong force, it doesn’t break into pieces —it shatters into a cracked surface. The once rigid surface can then be bent. It becomes alive —dangerous— but also pliable. The glass is in its most natural state when unbroken; It is the safe object intended to be free of imperfections, dust, or danger. But like a relationship, it is more real, alive, and true to itself when subjected to pressure. As I break the glass, I am helping it to be vulnerable and fragile. 

I am breaking glass because I want to be transparent as the glass. To me, to be transparent means to constantly ask myself questions about honesty; questions that don’t necessarily have answers. I inquire to stay aware. Being transparent is not just saying everything and being exposed to the world, being transparent is slowly being self-aware even when it is scary –accepting everything about me even if it’s not a “good” quality–, even if it’s something that I think is an obstacle within me.

That is how I want to be transparent, by peeling the layers off to the very core. Exposing myself to others in that sense can be dangerous. It can hurt me, my security, my feelings and my trust. It can hurt in a way that will stay forever. It can take only one person to scar you when you’re exposed, only one person to be transparent with, and that’s enough. I draw from these experiences and focus it in my work; this way, it can connect to the people who are willing to take the time to expose themselves as well to feel it.

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